Automotive Technology

Our Automotive Technology program prepares students for employment in many areas of the automotive field including dealerships, independent garages, fleet shops, service stations and specialty shops, which cover areas such as tune-ups and brakes...

Collision &

Collision and Refinishing

Successful completion of the two-year Automotive Collision and Refinishing Technician program enables graduates to enter the field with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the rapidly growing automotive collision and refinishing industry...

Toyota Technician Training
& Education


Our Toyota Technician Training & Education Network (T-TEN) program prepares students for employment in many areas of the automotive field with the focus on Toyota dealerships. The two-year program will cover all areas of automotive service and repair and enable...

Gainful Employment Disclosure
All course offerings are subject to change. The college cannot guarantee class offerings, designated times or specific instructors - as funding levels and student interest may affect whether or not an offering is available.

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Course Title Credits
AUTO 100Introduction to Automotive 4.0
AUTO 101Electrical Circuitry Theory 5.0
AUTO 102Electrical Circuitry Applications 3.0
AUTO 103Electrical Wiring Diagrams 5.0
AUTO 104Advanced Diagnosis of Electronics 4.0
AUTO 106Toyota Internship 1.0
AUTO 108Engine Theory 6.0
AUTO 109Engine Repair Applications 2.0
AUTO 110Introduction to Toyota 1.0
AUTO 111Theory of Brakes 6.0
AUTO 112Applications of Brakes 4.0
AUTO 113Theory of Auto Transmissions/Transaxles 6.0
AUTO 114Application of Auto Transmissions/Tranaxles 4.0
AUTO 115Theory of Electrical Systems 6.0
AUTO 116Diagnosis of Electrical Systems 4.0
AUTO 117Theory of Engine Performance 7.0
AUTO 118Application of Engine Performance 5.0
AUTO 119Theory of Heating and Air Conditioning 4.0
AUTO 120Application of Heat and AC 2.0
AUTO 122Engine Performance, Service, and Repair 5.0
AUTO 123Toyota Engine Performance I 4.0
AUTO 124Toyota Engine Performance I Lab 4.0
AUTO 125Toyota Engine Repair 4.0
AUTO 126Toyota Engine Repair Lab 5.0
AUTO 129Theory of Manual Drive Train/Transmissions 5.0
AUTO 130Application of Manual Drive Train/Transmission 3.0
AUTO 131Theory of Suspension and Steering 5.0
AUTO 132Application of Suspension and Steering 3.0
AUTO 133Toyota Applications of Steering and Suspension Systems 4.0
AUTO 134Heating and Air Conditioning Lecture 5.0
AUTO 135Heating and Air Conditioning Application 4.0
AUTO 136Toyota Theory of Brakes 5.0
AUTO 137Toyota Brake Applications 4.0
AUTO 138Manual Transmissions Lecture 4.0
AUTO 139Toyota Manual Transmission Application 3.0
AUTO 140Automatic Transmissions Lecture 4.0
AUTO 141Toyota Automatic Transmission Applications 5.0
AUTO 142Principles of Steering and Suspension Systems 4.0
AUTO 150Chassis Maintenance 4.0
AUTO 151Drive Train Maintenance 6.0
AUTO 201Toyota Brakes 3.0
AUTO 202Toyota Brakes Lab 3.0
AUTO 203Toyota Steering and Suspension 3.0
AUTO 204Toyota Steering and Suspension Lab 3.0
AUTO 209Toyota Internship 12.0
AUTO 211Theory of Engines 7.0
AUTO 212Application of Engine Repair 5.0
AUTO 215Theory of Electronic Systems 5.0
AUTO 216Diagnosis of Electronic Systems 3.0
AUTO 219Toyota Hybrid Service and Repair 3.0
AUTO 220Toyota Engine Performance II 3.0
AUTO 221Advanced Principles of Engine Performance, Air Conditioning, and Electrical 3.0
AUTO 223Toyota Engine Performance II Lab 5.0
AUTO 225Toyota Heating and Air Conditioning 2.0
AUTO 226Hybrid Safety Service and Repair 4.0
AUTO 227Theory of Hybrids 4.0
AUTO 228Diagnosis of Hybrids 2.0
AUTO 230Safety Procedures for Hybrids 2.0
AUTO 236Toyota Internship 7.0
AUTO 267Cooperative Education Work Experience 1.0-18.0
AUTO 270High Performance Engines 18.0
AUTO 288Cooperative Education Work Experience (No Seminar) 1.0-18.0

Here are some sites you can explore to see what automotive information is available on the Internet and to enrich your experience in automotive classes.

Automotive Technology Hybrid Class

Instructor: Tom Connors

Spokane Community College is starting a Hybrid class in the automotive program. This is a 16-credit course. It will start winter quarter 2008 and can be taken after the completion of an A.A.S. degree or equivalent.

Students will receive intensive hands on training on both Generation 1 and Generation 2 Toyota Prius hybrids. Topics will also include Ford, Honda, and GM Hybrids plus electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cells.

Special thanks to Spalding Auto Parts for donating hybrid parts that make this program possible.

Photos from SCC's 2006
Spring Fling Auto Show


High Performance Classes from
SCC's Automotive Department

Spokane Community College has started a high performance class in the automotive program. This is a 16-credit course. It will be offered during summer quarter and can be taken after the completion of an A.A.S. degree or equivalent. You can also take this class with the completion of basic drivability, electrical, and engines classes with the approval of the department chair.

Topics Included:

  • High performance engines, parts, and accessories
    • Cylinder head design flow
    • Camshaft selection for specific engine use
    • Matching parts from carb to pan for the right combination
  • Chassis dyno operation using industry standard Mustang dyno with wide-band O2 sensor
  • Dyno tuning - carburetor systems and fuel injection systems
    • Carburetor operation and tuning, jets to air bleeds
    • Engine management systems and tuning for fuel injection systems
  • Nitrous oxide system operation, installation, and tuning
    • Installation with respect to the safety features that should be used
  • Supercharger system operation and dyno tuning
    • Proper sizing for the purpose
  • Turbocharger system operation and dyno tuning
    • Proper turbo sizing for the purpose
  • Fuels and fuel systems for high performance engines
    • Proper fuel systems for engine compression
  • Ignition system operations
    • Aftermarket ignition systems including rev limiters, window switches, and other safety devices
    ...and much, much more!

Special thanks to the class sponsors:

Shelley Performance & Dyno Center, Spokane Valley WA

Motion Auto Supply

For more information, please contact guidance counselor Ric Villalobos at (509) 533-7356.