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Unemployment line

Get Approval.

You are required to get approval from the Employment Security Department if you are attending classes while collecting unemployment benefits.

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Commissioner-Approved Training (CAT):

  • Allows you to collect your regular unemployment-insurance (UI) benefits while attending an approved full-time training program.
  • If approved for commissioner-approved training, you do not have to look for work.
  • Does not pay for books, tuition or school related fees.
  • Does not extend your unemployment insurance benefits.

Training Benefits Program (TB):

  • Offers additional weeks of unemployment benefits so eligible claimants can train for careers in a high-demand field.
  • If approved for Training Benefits, you do not have to look for work as long as you are enrolled and making satisfactory progress in your training program.
  • Does not pay for books, tuition, or school-related fees.
  • You must meet deadlines to submit your Training Benefits application and enroll in training.
  • These deadlines start from the date you get the Unemployment Claims Kit in the mail. It tells you about Training Benefits and is mailed to you when you open your unemployment claim.

*Informational orientations about Commissioner Approved Training and Training Benefits are held weekly. Please call (509) 533-7249 to sign-up.

Educational funding

Get Funding.

Funding is available for students who are collecting unemployment or have exhausted their unemployment within the last 2 years. Find additional funding resources under the “Paying for College” tab.

The Worker Retraining Grant can help to pay for one quarter of tuition and books for dislocated workers, displaced homemakers, formerly self-employed, or former active duty veterans.

The Workforce Investment Act provides employment and training services designed to benefit employers, dislocated workers, and low-income youth.

Trade Adjustment Assistance

Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA)

Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) and Alternative or Reemployment Trade Adjustment Assistance (ATAA/RTAA) programs assist workers who have become unemployed as a result of increased imports from, or shifts in production to, foreign countries. TAA-certified workers may access income support, relocation allowances, job-search allowances, and a health-coverage tax credit. TAA participants that require retraining to obtain suitable employment may also receive occupational training.