Interactive Reports & Dashboards

List of available reports and dashboards (internal)

These reports are currently only available to accounts that are logged onto the CCS network. In the future, there will be interactive reports and dashboards available to the public. The interactive reports let users select their own parameters (such as dates, different types of students, quarters, etc.) and some offer the ability to break out the results by groups the user selects (such as gender, full/part time status, veteran, age, students of color, etc.). The link provides a listing of the available reports and dashboards.


Environmental Scan

Periodically, the institutional researchers within the CCS district collaborate to compile a comprehensive look at the environment in which the colleges operate. These findings, called an environmental scan, include current and projected demographics, economics, industrial demands, occupational availabilities, educational barriers and attainments, etc. The latest in these documents is presented in this section.

Annual Divisional Enrollment Summary


The Annual Divisional Enrollment Summary reports describe the breakdown of student FTE enrollments by funding source (state, Running Start, international, Native American, and total) and instructional division. Within each instructional division, FTE enrollments are further broken out by instructional area or department.

Historical Enrollment Summary


These reports present historical enrollments at SCC, and the other CCS instructional units, in a variety of ways. The report titles indicate the span of years included, as well as the nature of the content.

SCC Quarterly Enrollment


The Quarterly FTES by Division reports present the 1st, 10th, and Final-day FTES for SCC broken down by instructional division for the quarter indicated, and compared to the same quarter one year earlier.

District Quarterly Enrollment


The Quarterly District FTES report presents the enrollments compared to targets and the previous year for each unit in the CCS district.

SCC Campus Occupancy by Day and Time

As part of the long-range facilities planning process for Spokane Community College a study was conducted in Fall 2011 to estimate the number of persons physically present on campus by day of the week and time of day.

Student/Faculty Ratio

The quarterly divisional Student/Faculty Ratio reports describe the breakdown of student FTE enrollments (FTES) and faculty FTE (FTEF) by instructional division. Within each instructional division, FTES and FTEF are further broken out by instructional area or department.

Student Mobility

The Student Mobility reports are created each summer for the cohort of students attending SCC during the preceding fall quarter. They document from where incoming students are coming and to where students are transferring within the state higher educational system. These reports are compiled by the University of Washington for all colleges and universities in Washington State. (For the complete reports, please visit their website at http://depts.washington.edu/reptreq/reports/mobility or contact the SCC OIR.) Similarly, the OIR generates an annual Student Transfer Destination Report which attempts to track where SCC students transfer to on a nationwide basis. Other reports pertaining to mobility will also be included in this section.