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TIPP (Tuition Installment Payment Plan)

What is TIPP and what does it cover?
(time and money illustration)

The Tuition Installment Payment Plan (TIPP) allows students to pay for their college education in three installments, interest-free. The plan covers tuition and class fees. Students must be enrolled in at least 12 self-pay credits to qualify for the plan and there is a $30.00 non-refundable enrollment fee.

How do I enroll in the plan?
Do I need to reapply for TIPP every quarter?
When are payments due?
What if I am late with a payment?
Where do I make payments?
What if I add or drop a class?

For further information, please contact the CCS Business Office at 509-434-5227 or 509-434-5228.


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