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Student government offices are located in the Lair Student Center (Building 6).
Office hours and names are posted outside each office.

Don't know how to get to the Lair Student Center? Follow this link for driving directions.

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Student Government

Who We Are

Kyle Stafford

Kyle Stafford, ASC President
Phone: 509-533-7436

I am Kyle Stafford. I am your president.

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Kellie McCracken

Kellie McCracken, ASC Vice President
Phone: 509-533-8149

Hello. My name is Kellie McCracken and I am the SCC ASG Vice-President...

Jill Cornaggia

Jill Cornaggia, ASC Legislation
Phone: 509-533-8230

Hi, I'm Jill Cornaggia, your Director of Legislative Issues!

Nickole Morgan

Nickole Morgan, ASG Admin
Phone: 509-533-7093

My name is Nickole Morgan and I am the Director of Administrative Services.

Joe Carollo

Joe Carollo, ASG Clubs
Phone: 509-533-8233

Hey hey. My name is Joe Carollo, I am the Director of Student and Club Affairs for the fall quarter.

Corinne Olinger

Corinne Olinger, ASG Emergency
Phone: 509-533-8920

My name is Corinne Olinger, but most everybody calls me Nana, I answer to both.

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Dominic Noble

Dominic Noble, SAC Activities
Phone: 509-533-7438

Hello, my name is Dominic Noble and I’m the Programmer of Participation for ASG.

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Jessica Schulz

Jessica Schulz, SAC Chair
Phone: 509-533-8153

Hi, my name is Jessica Schulz, and I am the Director of Student Activities.

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Katina Ballard

Katina Ballard, SAC Issues
Phone: 509-533-8140

Hi, my name is Katina Ballard and I am the Programmer of Issues and Awareness.

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Angellica Feliciano

Angellica Feliciano, SAC Concerts
Phone: 509-533-8253

Hi, I’m Angellica Feliciano, Programmer of Comedy and Concerts.

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George Lear

George Lear, SAC Multicultural
Phone: 509-533-7092

Hello, my name is George Lear and I am from Southern Europe.

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Charles King

Charles King, SAC Promotions Coordinator
Phone: 509-533-7437

Hi, my name is Charles King, I am the SAC Promotions Coordinator in the ASG.

Leila Hall

Leila Hall, Senator of Athletics
Phone: 509-533-8913

Hello, my name is Leila Hall. I am going to SCC because I want to better myself in my education.

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Brittany Johnson

Brittany Johnson, Senator of Health
Phone: 509-533-7091

Hello! My name is Brittany Johnson, I’m the new health and environmental sciences senator here at SCC.

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Katrina Granados

Katrina Granados, Senator of Liberal Arts
Phone: 509-533-8866

Curiosity stroke me to know more about different cultures in our campus full of diversity...

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Cody Valle

Cody Valle, Senator of Professional Technology
Phone: 509-533-8931

Hello, my name is Cody Valle. I am the ASG Senator of Technical Education this year.

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Daron Williams

Daron Williams, Director of Sustainability
Phone: 509-533-7037

Growing up in Deer Park WA I was always surrounded by the natural beauty of this area...

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Ryan Teskey

Ryan Teskey, Senator of Business, Hospitality, Information Technology
Phone: 509-533-8932

I have been a student at SCC for 4 years and I am working on getting my software development degree.

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