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Student Activities

Clubs and Organizations

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ACC (Arab Culture Club)
ADDSA (American Drafting and Design Student Association)
Agriculture/Horticulture Club
AIAS (American Institute of Architecture Students)
Asian Pacific Islanders
Black Student Union (BSU)
Collegiate DECA
Computer Club
CPR Club
Disability Awareness League
Disc Golf Club
Gamers Guild
Ghosts: The Paranormal Society
Health Information Management (HIM) Club (INACTIVE)
International Club
Latin American Student Organization (LASO)
LDSSA - Latter Day Saint Student Association
NALS...the Association for Legal Professionals - SCC Chapter
National Society of Leadership and Success
Native American Student Organization (NASO)
Natural Resources Association
Nursing Club
Outdoor Sports Club (INACTIVE)
Phi Theta Kappa (Beta Epsilon Iota)
Research Club
Rho Beta Psi
Sasquad - Comic Book Club
SCC Automotive Association
SCC Culinary Club (INACTIVE)
SCC Players
Shut Up and Sign
Skills USA
Speak Out
Student Association for Nature and the Environment (SANE)
Student Awareness League (SAL)
Student Parents Together
Veterans Club
Water Resources Association
X-Ray Vision


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