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Science Department

Our goal is to offer diversified science courses that are relevant and provide students the knowledge and experience to pursue further studies in the sciences or simply participate in a modern society dominated by science and technology. Our emphasis is on an understanding of modern scientific methodologies, including current methods of scientific experimentation, as well as up-to-date laboratory techniques and equipment. A particular effort is made to offer transferable courses for the various vocational programs at SCC and to science programs of the regional academic institutions throughout the Northwest.

Learn about SCC's Math and Science High Demand Transfer Program (HDTP).

Building 27 is the brand new, state-of-the-art home for the Science Department. Please come and visit our beautiful new facility.

faculty offices and basalt columns
main entrance
entry way -
looking down from the third floor at
public art tile flooring
For more information....For more information:
Contact: Michael Miller,
Department Chair
Phone: (509) 533-7247 or
1-800-248-5644 ext. 7247

The Science Department at SCC seeks to encourage an attitude of discovery and critical analysis along with a genuine interest in the sciences. We strive to offer a wide variety of introductory and second-year college science courses that not only challenge students' traditional views of science, but build the scientific skills that create a sound foundation which students will use when viewing the world around them.

Spokane Community College

Take the Right Science Class to
Meet Your Needs

Take BIOL& 160 IF you you are in a program that requires any of the following classes:

  • BIOL& 241: Human A&P 1
  • BIOL& 242: Human A&P 2
  • BIOL 233: Genetics
  • BOT 111: Botany: Plant Structure and Function
  • BOT 112: Botany: Survey of the Plant Kingdom
  • BIOL& 260: Microbiology
  • ZOOL 121: Invertebrate Zoology
  • ZOOL 122: Vertebrate Zoology

BIOL& 160 is a time-intensive, rigorous course intended mostly for students in the health sciences or sciences.

If you simply need a five-credit lab science course to fulfill the A.A. degree requirements, you can choose from the following:

  • BIOL 100: Environmental Biology
  • CHEM 115: Environmental Chemistry
  • CHEM& 110: Chemical Concepts w/Lab
  • GEOL& 101: Intro. Physical Geology
  • GEOL 201: The Earth Through Time
  • GEOL 210: Pacific Northwest Geology
  • PHYS 100: Introductory Physics

These courses are more student-friendly and contain curriculum that is more relevant to students' everyday lives.

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