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Criminal Justice


Prison (photo)

Program Description

Corrections is a professional/technical track within the administration of justice program at Spokane Community College. The purpose of this program is to prepare students for employment in the corrections portion of the criminal justice system, with an emphasis on developing skills and knowledge that pertains to working in security facilities.

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Prison (photo)

The corrections program is an outgrowth of recognition for the increasing need of trained personnel in the field. This area of criminal justice is experiencing a great deal of change and expansion. New trends in inmate management and new standards for offender care have contributed to an increased need for employment of more people who possess skills and knowledge applicable to a variety of job requirements.

Students interested in this field of study are encouraged to seek academic counseling. Only a portion of this two-year curriculum is transferable to four-year institutions. Students interested in a four-year degree should inquire at the college to which they plan to attend or transfer for specific information.

Program Goals

Students who successfully complete this program will be able to:

  1. compare today's criminal justice system with that of the past,
  2. apply basic methods of institutional management and rehabilitative practices,
  3. apply basic theories for the causes of crime and dynamics of criminal behavior,
  4. participate in simulated situations requiring report writing, testifying, and self-defense skills, and
  5. apply in a fair manner, the laws regulating institutional conduct.

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