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Hagan Foundation Center for the Humanities
About the Hagan Foundation

In 1997, Dr. Hagan established the Hagan Foundation to support charitable initiatives in the Spokane community. The foundation's emphasis is on education. For many years Dr. Hagan and the Hagan Foundation have quietly supported literacy and book-purchase initiatives at the Community Colleges of Spokane. This includes the establishment of the Hagan Students' Book Endowment in 1999 which provides assistance to full-time community college students who need help purchasing text books. Because improving SCC library acquisitions in the humanities is a major emphasis of SCC center for the Humanities, Dr. Hagan has also made a significant contribution to the center's campaign. This donation, coupled with Dr. Hagan's and the Hagan Foundation's generous support of literacy initiatives at CCS, make it very fitting for the center to bear the Hagan Foundation name. As of its dedication on September 20, 2005, the center will be called The Hagan Foundation Center for the Humanities. Dr. Hagan's generosity has only been matched by one other individual in the CCS Foundation's history. His generosity deserves recognition and is sincerely appreciated by the CCS Foundation, the community colleges, and the students we serve.

The center is funded by a growing Community Colleges of Spokane Foundation Endowment. The endowment campaign, which has been generously supported by the community, has been augmented by a National Endowment for the Humanities (matching) Challenge Grant. The foundation received a substantial gift from the Hagan Foundation for which the center is named.


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