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Financial Aid

Name and Address Changes

Address Change
To change your address online, go to To change your address in person, visit the Registration Island in Building 15. It is your responsibility to maintain current and accurate street and email address information at the college. All addresses listed on your FAFSA will be overridden with the address in the registration system, so make sure your address is always up-to-date.

Name Change
We cannot award Financial Aid if your current legal name is inaccurate or conflicting with the Department of Education, Admissions, or our office. If there is a conflict, name change, or update, you must submit documentation of the name change to both Financial Aid and Admissions verifying your legal name.

Documentation Needed: You must bring in your social security card or a receipt from the Social Security Administration under the new name and picture ID. The Financial Aid office cannot except court-ordered name changes or marriage certificates as legal documentation.

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