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Work Study - Guidelines for Job Success

  • THESE ARE REAL JOBS. Maintaining confidentiality is mandatory.
  • Some positions have dress codes and specific codes of conduct. Dress and grooming are important. Short shorts, tank/halter tops, and torn/faded clothes are usually not acceptable. Check with your supervisor for specific dress codes.
  • Cell phones are disruptive. Please turn your cell phone off while at work. You may return calls on your breaks. Check with your supervisor for a telephone number in case of emergency.
  • All computer usage must comply with Spokane Community College's policies. Personal email while at work is NOT allowed.
  • Attitude is important! Work cooperatively with others. Most people lose jobs because of an inability to get along with others. Good working relationships are the key to success.
  • Discuss job-related problems with your supervisor. Dealing with the problem early to resolve it rather than letting the problem get out of control is always recommended.

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