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Cosmetology: Inspiration a Salon

Cadet Instructor Certificate

The finished product! A hair color client (center) and her student cosmetologists
The finished product! A hair color client (center) and her student cosmetologists

Please note: This program is suspended due to budgetary constraints until further notice.

The Cosmetology Cadet Instructor certificate is a 500-hour program, which prepares licensed cosmetologists for the cosmetology instructors examination issued by the Washington State Board of Cosmetology.

Under the supervision of a licensed cosmetology instructor, cadet instructor students receive 150 hours of training in instructional methods and 350 hours of clinical practice assisting basic students in all phases of cosmetology.

All students must submit a resume and proof of current licensure and meet with the department chair for an interview prior to acceptance into the program.

The program runs odd years, and participants must have at least one year of salon experience.

Physical Requirements:
  • Normal or corrected vision
  • Physical dexterity, i.e. small grasp manipulation
  • Must be able to work with arms at shoulder level for extended periods of time
  • Must be able to stand for extended periods of time

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