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Communication Studies

Welcome to the Communication Studies Department!

How many times have you sat in a college class and wondered:

  • Why should I study communication, I've been communicating all my life?
  • I already know how to do it, don't I?
  • What does this have to do with my life?

Well, communication plays a central role in your personal, academic, and professional success. Relationships are often our greatest sources of joy and/or pain. Regardless of your career choice, others often judge your effectiveness, at least in part, by your communication skills. You may have effective skills, but each of us could improve.

Researchers have found that college students spend on average 61% of their waking hours engaged in some form of communication! Most of us are surrounded by others, trying to understand them and hoping they understand us. Communication affects the quality of your relationships, which in turn affects the very quality of your life. Communication truly matters and the need for competent communication is significant.

How to Get Started:

Take a look at our course offerings. We are a diverse department with many options. We offer more courses in communication studies than some four-year schools - take advantage while you are here! We want to help you develop your communication knowledge and skills.

We offer four Certificates of Achievement. These signify you have a concentrated area of study in communication. Employers look for people with competent communication skills. Any of us in the department would be happy to speak with you about our courses and certificates; go to the faculty page to find out how to contact us.

You can hire people to do all kinds of things for you...

  • fix your car
  • do your taxes
  • take care of your kids
  • prepare your meals

...however, you can never hire anyone to communicate for you. You have to know how to do that for yourself.

So start improving your communication today!

For more information....

For more information:

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