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Economics (Transfer)

If you are an economics transfer student, you will take classes required for our Spokane Community College A.A. degree. When you register for classes, ask a counselor for an A.A. degree worksheet; it will help you decide which classes to take. We assume you are definitely planning to continue on to a four-year college or university to receive a bachelor's in economics or business administration. Once you know which college or university you plan to transfer to, work closely with a counselor or a department faculty advisor so that you can be assured that your classes are transferring the way you want them to transfer. The majority of students will take:

  • Business Statistics 217 under Quantitative Reasoning Skills
  • BCS 110 or CS 101
  • Economics 201 under Social Sciences
  • Economics 202, Accounting 101, and Accounting 102 as electives.

The math requirement will be either:

  • Math 111 Pre-Calculus 1
  • Math 124 Calculus and Analytic Geometry
  • Math 201 Intro. To Finite Math and
  • Math 202 Survey of Calculus

Again, check with a counselor or department faculty advisor.

As you proceed through the coursework for the A.A. degree at SCC, if you determine that you may not have the financial support to continue on to a four-year college or university, please contact Ginny Powers, department chair, at (509) 533-7365 or at You may wish to consider the Eastern Washington University articulation agreement in place with our A.A.S. General Business, Management, Marketing, Legal Administration and Paralegal programs. Once you obtain the A.A.S. degree in one of the five named areas, you have choices! You can get a job with those marketable skills and knowledge you have gained and continue your education in the evening or on the weekend. Or you can begin working toward your bachelors of arts degree immediately. No matter what your choice is you have definitely earned your A.A.S. degree from Spokane Community College.


You may visit the Business Careers page for frequently asked questions.
If you are interested in a Direct Transfer Agreement degree, please refer to the Associate in Business D.T.A. page for more information.

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