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Apprenticeship and Journeyman Training Center

Spokane Community College cooperates with 19 apprenticeship training committees to make classes available for apprentices in numerous trades. Information on admission to these programs can be obtained from the Department of Labor and Industries, Apprenticeship Section offices in Spokane (509-324-2590) or from the specific apprenticeship training committee.

What is Apprenticeship?

In apprenticeship training, you learn while you're employed. In addition, on-the-job training is supplemented by formal classes each year. The training period, or apprenticeship, varies in length from one to five years according to the complexity of the occupation you select.

Apprentices are paid by their employer. They receive pay increases at regular intervals over the period of apprenticeship if their skills have increased and their training has been completed satisfactorily. Those who successfully complete their apprenticeship training reach journeyman status and are then fully qualified to pursue their occupation.

Training - Classroom and On-the-Job

Classroom training requires 6 to 48 hours each week, depending on the trade. These classes may take place during days, evenings, or weekends.

On-the-job training involves working with and learning from experienced journeyman workers. During this training period, you will receive wages for your work. The starting wage for beginning apprentices is usually about half of the journeyman rate; it increases regularly as you satisfactorily progress through the program. Near the end of the training, an apprentice is performing as a skilled worker and is earning close to the journeyman wage.

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