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Applied Education

The Applied Education Department provides applied instruction in the areas of mathematics, technical writing, leadership, and employment preparation for various departments throughout Spokane Community College. Students will be required to successfully complete one or more of these classes depending on department requirements, in order to earn a certificate or degree. These courses, listed under the APLED (pronounced "Apple-Ed") prefix, are as follows:

APLED 91 - Success Strategies for Professional/Technical Students (3-4 credits):

An introduction to the skills needed to succeed in professional/technical programs. Topics will include study skills, reading comprehension, listening strategies, learning styles, and an introduction to technical writing.

APLED 112 - Applied Mathematics (3-5 credits):

An introduction to mathematical theory and its application to professional/technical fields. Topics will include general mathematical concepts, fractions, decimals, percents, problem solving strategies, and the metric system (when applicable).

APLED 121 - Applied Written Communication (3-5 credits):

An introduction to written technical communication skills. Emphasis will be on the development of skills needed to successfully plan and write technical documents. Many of the documents will incorporate information obtained from the Internet. In addition, team collaboration and the ethics of technical writing will be taught.

APLED 123 - Leadership Skills for Business and Industry (3-5 credits):

An introduction to verbal communication and the team-building skills necessary for success in business and industry. Areas of emphasis will include methods of improving communication, nonverbal communication, conflict management, and effective team-building skills.

APLED 125 - Employment Preparation (3 credits):

This class focuses on resume writing, interviewing skills, cover letters, communication with clients, plus employment and leadership in a diverse workplace.

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For more information:

Dennie Carlson, APLED Department Chair
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Sally Grabicki
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