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Running Start is a college credit program that is an outgrowth of the CHOICE legislation of 1990. With Running Start, students earn credit simultaneously for high school graduation and toward a college degree. The Running Start program enables an eligible high school student to pursue educational challenges. The student enrolls simultaneously in high school and college classes (or solely in college classes) for the purpose of earning credit to be awarded both by the high school and the college. Classes taken at the college as part of the Running Start program are limited to "college-level classes."

SCC Running Start Steps to Apply
  1. Carefully read about the Running Start Program on the CCS Running Start webpage.
  2. Submit a general CCS Application for Admission. Apply online or in person at the Admissions Office in SCC Building 15 or your SCC education center. List Running Start as your intended major area of interest. You will receive an SCC student identification number (SID) from the Admissions Office.
    Priority Application Due Dates**
    Fall Quarter February 15 to May 31
    Winter Quarter October 1 to November 22
    Spring Quarter January 3 to February 15
    ** These are general guidelines and not required; please check the SCC Admissions webpage for specific application deadlines.
  3. Take the COMPASS (the college assessment for reading/writing) and ALEKS (college assessment for math skills).
    • Schedule an appointment by calling the SCC Testing Center, (509) 533-7074, or stop by or call your local education center.
    • Indicate the assessment is for Running Start.
    • On the day of the test, bring a photo ID, your SID and receipt of $30 fee paid. Carefully review assessment scores for eligibility.
    • Schedule an appointment for New Student Orientation.
  4. Meet with your high school counselor. Together, complete and sign a Verification of Enrollment form. Parent and counselor signatures are required. Ask for a transfer guide listing SCC classes that meet high school requirements. Submit the completed form to SCC. In addition, if you qualify for free/reduced lunch at your high school, please submit a letter of eligibility to the college.
  5. Attend New Student Orientation. Students learn about the college culture and resources, program procedures, and faculty expectations. Students will register for their classes at this time if they have qualified for the Running Start Program and submitted all required paperwork to the college.
  6. Meet with a counselor in the SCC Transfer Center Bldg. 1, Room 1220J or at your education center if you are unable to obtain all required paperwork prior to New Student Orientation, or if you have further questions about academic planning.
  7. Pay any fees not funded by Running Start at the Cashiers' Office or online.
  8. Buy books and attend class.
  9. Meet with the high school each quarter prior to registration to obtain the completed Verification of Enrollment form.
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Running Start students follow the same processes for admission as all college students, with a few exceptions.
Please refer to the appropriate procedures for getting started with your enrollment. The following questions refer to those procedures that are specific to Running Start students:

How do I know if I have met the eligibility requirements?

All students who apply for the Running Start program must be tested for eligibility by taking the placement test. Testing fees will be paid by the student. Admission is based on the student meeting the college-level cut-off scores. You are eligible for college-level classes if you score an 81 on the Reading section and a 73 on the Writing section of the COMPASS test. Your mathematics test will determine your eligibility for college-level mathematics classes. After completing the placement test, you will be contacted in writing to inform you of your acceptance into the Running Start program.

How many classes may I take?

Running Start students are limited to enrolling in 18 credits per quarter. Academic classes are typically five credits each.

How do the classes meet my high school graduation requirements?

Your high school counselor will assist you in determining how the classes meet your high school graduation requirements. Ask for a course equivalency guide the next time you speak with your counselor.

How do I get the correct forms?

Go to:

When may I register for classes?

You may register for classes online or in person with a counselor (Building 15) after you have:

  • Submitted an Application for Admission by the appropriate deadline
  • Taken your placement test and qualified for college-level classes
  • Provided SCC with a copy of your High School Course Recommendation Form
  • Have a Registration Access Time (you will receive this information in the mail or you can access it online.)

What fees are Running Start students required to pay?

Follow this link for current running start fees.

May I participate in athletics?

Running Start students are eligible for support services, activities and programs available to regular college students, with the exception of athletic participation. If the student is under 18 years of age, a special release form must be signed by the parent or guardian in order to participate in certain activities.

What are the regulations governing confidentiality of student's records, and what rights do parents have to those records?

Running Start students have the same rights and responsibilities as other college students. Student information is confidential and may be released to a parent if a student gives permission by completing a release form. There is one exception to parental access without student consent and that involves the cases in which a parent claims the student as a dependent for income tax purposes. The parent must supply the college with proof that the student is listed as a dependent on the parent's federal income tax return.

Spokane Community College Running Start

Gretchen Ford, counselor
(509) 533-8062

SCC Off-Campus Centers

Colville Center Running Start

Suzanne McCurdy, (509) 685-2120, ext. 6710

Inchelium Center Running Start

Suzanne McCurdy, (509) 685-2120, ext. 6710

Ione Center Running Start

Kim Taft, (509) 442-4290

Newport Center Running Start

Kris Cornelis, (509) 447-3835

Republic Center Running Start

Barb Taylor, (509) 775-3675