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Diagnostic Medical Sonography A.A.S.

DMS Application Packet

Diagnostic medical sonography technology is an allied health profession in which practitioners perform diagnostic and monitoring procedures using sound waves. The sonographer performs examinations at the request or direction of a physician. Through subjective sampling and/or recording, the sonographer proceeds with the examination to create an easily definable foundation of data from which a correct anatomic and physiologic diagnosis may be established for each patient.

Admission Recommendations/Requirements

  • Active email account recommended
  • Computer skills recommended
  • CHEM 120 Organic and Biochemistry for the Health Sciences recommended
  • CHEM& 121 Introduction to Chemistry recommended
  • Appropriate scores in ASSET or COMPASS required
  • Physical examination, immunizations, and drug screening and Washington State Patrol (WSP) background check are required after being accepted into the program.
  • A 2.0 grade must be maintained quarterly in every course before proceeding to the next quarter.
  • Students may repeat a professional course once, but it must be repeated within two years.
  • High school diploma or GED certificate required
  • Interview with sonography instructor required
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Course Title Credits
SONO 111Diagnostic Ultrasound I 2.0
SONO 112Vascular Fundamentals 4.0
SONO 121Human Cross-Section Anatomy 4.0
SONO 122Vascular Procedures I 4.0
SONO 123Survey of Cardiac Sonography 5.0
SONO 125Ultrasound Physics and Instrumentation I 5.0
SONO 131Diagnostic Ultrasound II 5.0
SONO 132Abdominal Pathophysiology 4.0
SONO 135Ultrasound Physics and Instrumentation II 5.0
SONO 141Diagnostic Ultrasound III 5.0
SONO 142Diagnostic Ultrasound IV 4.0
SONO 143Sonography Clinical I 9.0
SONO 144OB/GYN Pathophysiology 4.0
SONO 251Advanced Sonography 4.0
SONO 253Sonography Clinical II 9.0
SONO 263Sonography Clinical III 13.0
SONO 273Sonography Clinical IV 13.0

If you have general questions regarding the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program, its entry requirements, or the admissions process, please contact the SCC Admissions Office and one of our friendly, knowledgeable staff members will assist you.

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For more information:
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