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SCC Misson and Core Themes


Spokane Community College is a place where students transform their lives and attain their dreams in an unsurpassed learning environment that is personalized, engaging and affordable.


At Spokane Community College, we strive to provide our community accessible and affordable educational opportunities responsive to the needs of our diverse population. We do this through:

  • Industry-standard, professional-technical certificate and degree programs;
  • Liberal arts and professional-technical programs transferable to four-year institutions;
  • Developmental and continuing education, distance learning, and lifelong learning opportunities;
  • Educational programs that emphasize four critical learning abilities: Responsibility, communication, problem-solving and global awareness; and
  • Instructional support and student services that enhance and promote student success.

As we carry out this mission, our skilled and dedicated faculty, staff and administration continuously support the individual and professional growth of our students and the economic success of our region.

Core Theme One: Workforce Development

SCC's workforce certificate and degree programs are industry standard, preparing students for entry level positions in their discipline.

  • Objective 1: Students enrolled in Workforce Education programs are well prepared for employment.
  • Objective 2: Students graduating from Workforce Education programs secure employment.
  • Objective 3: Students enrolled in Workforce Education programs are satisfied with their educational experience.

Core Theme Two: Academic Transfer

Students enrolled in Academic Transfer courses are well prepared and successful as they transfer their coursework and/or Associate degree in pursuit of the next step in their educational plan.

  • Objective 1: Students who express an intent to transfer complete a degree.
  • Objective 2: Students who express an intent to transfer enroll at a 4-year baccalaureate.
  • Objective 3: Students are successful as they transfer to bachelor degree granting colleges and universities.
  • Objective 4: Students report that they have increased their knowledge and skills in SCC Student Abilities.

Core Theme Three: Student Success

Students are provided with the opportunity to succeed in a supported environment that enhances individual and professional growth through academic, personal, and professional development.

  • Objective 1: Students transition successfully from developmental education to college-level work.
  • Objective 2: Students are provided services to assist their success in college courses.
  • Objective 3: Students are engaged with their learning environment and satisfied with their educational experience.
  • Objective 4: Students will progress towards educational benchmarks.

Core Theme Four: Community Responsiveness

Spokane Community College is responsive to the educational needs of our diverse community, contributing to its economic success.

  • Objective 1: SCC provides access for diverse populations.
  • Objective 2: SCC’s Workforce Education program mix responds to student and regional economic needs.
  • Objective 3: SCC provides opportunities for students and the community to engage in social inquiry, develop a cultural understanding, and an appreciation for the humanities.
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