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Arts and Sciences Division

Begin here, transfer anywhere!

Planning to earn a bachelor's degree? Complete your general university requirements in the Division of Arts and Sciences at SCC. The division specializes in transfer preparation and students can earn an Associate of Arts degree that is accepted by Washington State's public universities and many private universities. In addition, degrees can be earned in pre-majors, including transfer specialties in business and secondary teaching preparation in math and science. We provide the foundation for many different careers that require a bachelor's degree: teaching, business, management, human resources, social work, medical careers, creative and technical writing, to name just a few. Classes are offered both during the day and in the evening and in a variety of learning modalities, including Web-enhanced and online courses. SCC Tutoring Services offers tutoring in most disciplines to promote student success. The math and English labs also offer classes and assistance in those disciplines. Tutoring Services has a drop-in computer center with Internet access and computer technicians to assist you in computer usage. If you are entering college many years after high school or GED completion, our faculty and staff are ready to help you succeed.

Departments within Arts and Sciences include:

Our modern Science and Mathematics Building was completed in the fall of 2006.

The tradition of the Arts and Sciences Division at Spokane Community College is firmly grounded by liberal arts roots. The liberal arts focus on giving students the ability to comprehend and enrich their lives through the experience of learning. You will:

  • Achieve with confidence skills in computation, writing, and speaking.
  • Analyze and enjoy art, poetry, music, literature, drama, and philosophy.
  • Understand ourselves as individuals and as a part of history and social groups.
  • Study what it means to be an American as well as to appreciate other countries, cultures, and languages.
  • Develop analytical skills and enhance understanding and wonder of the natural world through the sciences.

The workplace of today has a renewed appreciation for employees with a liberal arts education. Opportunities are available through the Arts and Sciences Division to enroll in cooperative education, participate in volunteer service to the community, and receive work-study grants. Students can also gain great experiences by joining the college newspaper staff or one of our numerous student clubs, or by participating in intramural sports or on an intercollegiate athletic team.

The mission of our faculty is first and foremost to teach well. Classes are small enough that students can be given individualized attention. Our goal is to help students realize and fulfill their potential so they can make a difference in our community and our world.

Dr. Vicki Trier
Interim Dean of Instruction for Arts and Sciences

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Liberal arts transfer programs are designed for students who:

  • intend to go on to four-year colleges and universities;
  • seek personal enrichment;
  • want to supplement their vocational courses;
  • are undecided about their careers and want to explore options.

Unlike specialized studies, the liberal arts transfer courses and disciplines at Spokane Community College allow students to choose among many career directions. The courses seek to develop a broad base of knowledge and incorporate critical thinking and problem-solving skills which students can apply throughout their lives. Students take courses in the following disciplines:

The two-year programs culminate in an associate of arts (A.A.) degree and help students develop communication skills and an understanding of others.

The Spokane Community College curricula apply toward general education requirements for public four-year institutions in the state. Students who carefully plan and complete a liberal arts college transfer program and earn an A.A. degree may transfer to public four-year colleges or universities in the state with junior standing and will have met all or most of the institution's general university requirements. In addition, many of the state's private institutions recognize the two-year associate degree as well.

Many years of data show that students transferring from Spokane Community College do as well or better at the four-year colleges and universities as those who start there as freshmen.

Browse additional programs in the CCS Online Catalog.

Learning Communities/Interdisciplinary Studies

Interdisciplinary studies offer an exciting and dynamic approach to earning required college credits or a unique opportunity for personal enrichment. In each of the interdisciplinary models, students and faculty focus their time on a central issue or theme. Using seminars, small group discussions, and traditional lecture methods, these learning communities enable a team of faculty and students to study important issues and ideas for an entire quarter. Instead of registering for a series of unrelated classes, students enroll in a single 10- or 15-credit program that makes connections among the disciplines involved. Although courses are listed individually on transcripts, these programs are generally conducted as one integrated course.

Running Start

The Running Start program offered at Spokane Community College enables eligible high school students who seek expanded educational challenges to enroll simultaneously in high school and college classes-or solely in college classes-for the purpose of earning credit to be awarded both by the high school district and by the college. Classes taken as part of the Running Start program are limited to "college-level" classes.

Reading, Writing, and Mathematics Review Courses

The Arts and Sciences Division at Spokane Community College offers courses that can help you polish your skills in reading, writing, and mathematics for greater success in college-level classes as well as on the job. Reading courses are offered for those who want to improve their skills as well as for those who are average to better readers. Writing courses will help students sharpen their basic composition skills as well as review the elements of writing. Mathematics courses are offered for students with very little background in mathematics as well as for those who need a review of basic fundamentals, arithmetic and pre-algebra, or introductory algebra fundamentals.


Call us at (509) 533-7322.

Summer Hours

Monday - Thursday: 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Fall/Winter/Spring Hours

Monday - Thursday: 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM
Fri.: 7:30 AM - 2:30 PM

Please check schedules
for available tutoring times

in specific disciplines.

Accounting, Economics, and Statistics students:

Visit Bldg. 1, Room 248 for tutoring information and assistance.

Available hours are posted
outside Room 248.

Questions? Contact Renee Goffinet:
or 509-533-7395.

Do you need a place to study?
Would you like help with a difficult class?
Do you need to use a computer for class assignments?
Tutoring (photo)

Located in Building 1 and Building 27, SCC Tutoring Services promotes academic success through creative and professional tutoring that enhances and reinforces classroom instruction throughout the campus. We provide state of the art computer resources equipped with software used in SCC classrooms. We maintain a supportive learning environment where every individual is valued regardless of background or experience.

Tutoring (photo)
Tutoring (photo)

Students may enroll in developmental courses in math or English upon the recommendation of a counselor or faculty member. Lab format classes in math and English are offered to improve skills in a one-on-one setting. They are:

  • English 98 Writing Lab (variable credit, pass/fail) helps students write college-level paragraphs, with thesis statements and supporting details. The course is five units in length, and a credit is awarded for each unit completed. Writing Lab is pass/fail. A student may earn up to 10 credits total in English 98.
  • Math Center 1 (MATH 020, variable credit, graded) is a five credit review of basic mathematics (fractions, decimals, ratio/proportion, percents, etc). Students earn variable credits (1-5) based on units completed and receive a decimal grade.
Tutoring (photo)

In Building 1, SCC Tutoring Services provides four computer labs for students to use. The main area, 1-1220, is available for drop-in use. 1220-F and 1220-G are identical classrooms with 24 computers each plus an overhead projection unit linked to an instructor's computer station. These classrooms can be reserved by instructors for specific classes, or one day a week as a lab section for a class. When the computers are not in use by a class, they are open for any student to use.

The fourth computing area is our Language Lab. Nine computers are loaded with software specific to the foreign language courses at SCC. In addition, these computers are used by English as a second language students for voice articulation.

In Building 27, Tutoring Services are focused on math and science needs. Resources include a math lab and a computer lab.

Tutoring (photo)

Each of these lab computers is loaded with Microsoft Office Professional including: Word, Access, Excel and PowerPoint, Internet access, and many tutorials and coursework applications.

Tutors and instructional technicians are available most hours we are open to assist students with computing related questions.

Tutoring (photo)

On-campus Tutoring Services

SCC offers free tutoring to all SCC students. Assistance in math, science, writing, and computing is available in Building 1 and/or Building 27 depending on the subject. In addition, students can get academic help in most liberal arts and technical areas. Tutors are available based on ongoing need, instructor or student demand, and availability of a qualified person to tutor in that area.

Our tutors are SCC and four-year college students and must meet specific job requirements.

Computer skills assistance is available during all open hours.

On-campus Tutor Schedules

Tutoring (photo)

Online eTutoring Services

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Browse additional programs in the CCS Online Catalog.
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