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If you have general questions regarding the Surgical Technology program, its entry requirements, or the admissions process, please contact the SCC Admissions Office via email ( or phone (509-533-8020 or 1-800-248-5644, ext. 8020), and one of our friendly, knowledgeable staff members will assist you.
If you have more specific questions regarding this program, please contact Tina Jones, CST/RST, who is an instructor in the program, or Becky Scheid, CST/RST, BA, who is the program director. Their contact information is as follows: or
Phone:(509) 533-7303 or 533-8126; 1-800-248-5644 ext. 7303 or 8126
You can also submit an online information request or get our address to write for more information.
You may be eligible for free tuition! Follow this link to learn more.

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