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SCC Players
In a Grove - (Fall 2009)

Spokane Community College Players presented In a Grove: Four Japanese Ghost Stories by Eric Coble, which explores four folk stories in the Japanese tradition but updates them with modern dialogue. Each story carries important lessons and morals we all can learn (or re-learn) and apply to our own lives. All the stories take place in one village and over one hundred years. The performance begins as we are greeted by Obosan, who then guides us through each story as they come to life before our eyes. The colorful characters include Keizuke, who must keep a secret; the Oni demons, who learn that they may have something to fear from humans; Uta, a singing monk who is approached with various challenges she must overcome; and Hyroku, the hungry stranger who is too starved to be scared of anything. Each character must make important decisions, but be warned, each may not make the right choices and may pay dearly.



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