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SCC Players
A Cloud of Victims - Fall 2010

A Cloud of Victims

Thursday, December 2, 5:00 p.m. - Hagan Foundation Center for the Humanities - Library, 2nd Floor

This staged reading of A Cloud of Victims was a free event for students, employees, and the public. The cast included actors from previous SCC Players productions: Chris Bastible (The Dining Room), Andy Duncan (The Dining Room), Kirsten Jachimiak (The Dining Room), James Johnson (Frankenstein and Scenes of Life), Jane Martin (1984 and Scenes of Life), Marcella Summers (The Dining Room), Tony Rogers (Assistant Stage Manager of The Dining Room), and Jennifer Sharp (The Dining Room) provided the stage directions.

Synopsis: A secluded island hotel room becomes the stage for six people to discover their cares, fears, and true selves. Sam and Connie took this important vacation and soon found that the hotel became overrun by terrorists. While trying to stay safe in their room they are joined by other victims of the raid: the older lovers, Leon and Silvia; Steve; and finally Melody. In this room, each discovers the truth about him/herself and finds comfort and frustration with one another. But, they must also battle with the impending danger outside the room and some may need to make a fatal decision which will affect them all.

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