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SCC Players
1984 - (Spring 2010)

Big Brother is Watching!

For spring 2010, SCC Players presented the classic cautionary story, George Orwell's 1984. While times have changed, elements of the Orwellian world have slowly crept into our modern society. This production presented the serious aspects of the story and communicated them through technology and live theatre. This production of the play took place in 2084 and the novel was an inspiration to create a society instead of a cautionary tale. The production stayed true to the story as it is written as a play, but it also explored modern advancements and hinted to future advancements that have already occurred or might evolve in the future. The audience was separated into loyalists of Big Brother and those who were followers of Goldstein. Those who followed Goldstein were questioned by the roaming Thought Police. Also, it was a play within a play as the actors rebelled after the ending of the play and the Thought Police Advisor, Adam Sharp (Film and Theatre Instructor and Director of the Production) yelled back, but was eventually dragged away.

Be prepared! Follow Big Brother! Do not commit thought crimes!

1984 - poster

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