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Student Activities

Creating a Club

When there is an interest of several students (at least five) to form a new campus club or organization, the following criteria need to be followed:

  1. Find a faculty advisor.
  2. Develop a club charter, guidelines, and constitution. The name, purpose, and goals of the organizations should be included within these documents (samples are available from the Student Activities Office).
  3. Develop a schedule and plan for meetings and programs.
  4. List all students interested in being a member.
  5. Discuss the club with the Student Activities Program Coordinator located in the Lair (Building 6), Office 114H.
  6. Submit a request to the Associated Student Government (ASG) to be put on a future agenda. The ASG meets every Tuesday at 3:00 p.m. in the Lair Littlefoot A&B conference room. Several members should attend to make a presentation to the ASG.
  7. Make copies of the club charter/guidelines/constitution for ASG to review prior to meeting.
  8. The ASG will take action to approve or disapprove the club's charter. Upon approval, the club is sanctioned on campus.
  9. A $300 budget to work with the first year may be requested. The next year, the club will follow procedures for funding as outlined in the S&A Fees manual.

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