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NAGT Pacific Northwest Section - 2012 Conference
Spokane Community College
Spokane, Washington

June 22-26, 2012

Follow this link to access Lodging Information for the
Continental Margin Field Trip (overnight in Colville, WA)

Field Trips:

The beautiful Pend Oreille River Valley
of NE Washington

Glacial and Missoula Floods History in the Pend Oreille River Valley Area: Learn more about the complicated movement of glaciers and Missoula Floods in a mostly ignored part of northeastern Washington. Glacial moraines and outwash deposits were overprinted during ice recession when the Lake Missoula ice dam in the nearby Purcell Trench failed.

Miocene fossils of
the Clarkia

The Clarkia Lagerst├Ątte: Located in the Clearwater Mountains near Clarkia, Idaho, this is considered one of the best sites for Miocene plant fossils in the Pacific Northwest - and perhaps in the world! Stephen J. Gould's "Magnolias from Moscow" highlights this spectacular record of past life. The Clarkia beds are a true Lagerst├Ątte in all sense of the word: a site with significant species diversity exhibiting exceptional preservation. Here you will be able collect a spectacular array of Miocene flora and learn about the development of Lake Clarkia along with paleoclimate implications.

Sheath folding in amphibolites
of the Kettle Complex

The Continental Margin Geology and Tectonic History of NE Washington: Precambrian to Tertiary: The geologic and tectonic history of the western margin is well-exposed in northeast Washington. If you teach historical geology or just want to experience Precambrian sedimentation (Belt Supergroup), the rifting of Rodinia (Windermere Supergroup) with the development of early Paleozoic margin (Sauk sequence), the collision of Quesnellia, or the formation of the Kettle metamorphic core complex, then this trip is for you!
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