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Spokane Community College is one of three educational institutions comprising the Community Colleges of Spokane. We collaborate as a district and are committed to providing quality, relevant and affordable learning opportunities for students in support of the social and economic well-being of our six-county region.

Spokane Community College was established in 1963 and currently serves 7,000 full-time equivalent students - which equates to approximately 13,000 headcount students - enrolled in career and technical as well as transfer programs. At SCC, we can prepare you for a high-demand job - or for the demands of transferring to a university. SCC offers one of the largest arrays of career and technical programs in the Pacific Northwest.

Career and technical education programs at Community Colleges of Spokane provide avenues for students to enter high-skill and potentially high-wage occupations or transfer to university programs. These programs are developed with business and industry input and continued oversight from professionals actively employed in the occupations. Students are able to earn certificates of completion as well as Associate in Applied Science degrees. Our Associate of Arts (AA) degree is designed to transfer to most Bachelor of Arts degrees at all public and many private Washington four-year institutions.

Spokane Community College is a place where students transform their lives and attain their dreams in an unsurpassed learning environment that is personalized, engaging, and affordable.


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