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SCC Environmental Health and Safety Committee

Our Purpose

The SCC Environmental Health and Safety Committee's purpose is to promote safety awareness and practice throughout the SCC Community. To that end, we act as a clearinghouse for campus safety concerns; we provide assistance and support in the ongoing implementation of the Community Colleges of Spokane accident prevention program; we encourage fellow employees and students to follow established safety procedures; we monitor, advise, and support the overall CCS Environmental Health and Safety program; and we strive to reduce accidents through identification of potential hazards that could cause accidents, making recommendations for correction.

SCC Environmental Health and Safety
Committee as of November 2011

Our Committee's Composition

Our committee is made up of the designated campus safety officer, representatives from classified staff, representatives from faculty, and a student representative.

Through the years the common practice has been to have twelve or more committee members, each assigned to a specific building or physical area on the SCC campus. These members assume the responsibilities originally outlined for appointed building safety representatives. Within that facility they represent the Environmental Health and Safety Committee, serving as liaison between the committee and the building occupants and holding certain specifically assigned responsibilities for the facility.

» 2010-2011 SCC Building Safety Representatives

Our Responsibilities Include:

  1. Serving as an advisory group to the college safety officer on all safety matters
  2. Monitoring SCC's Environmental Health and Safety program to achieve the CCS goal of providing a safe and healthful learning and working environment
  3. Serving as a forum for the discussion of environmental health and safety issues of interest and concern, and as an informational clearinghouse regarding relevant safety matters
  4. Serving as conduits and advocates between and for the constituencies we represent and the CCS Environmental Health and Safety Steering Committee
  5. Reviewing accident/Incident reports, investigation reports, building self-inspection safety surveys, and hazardous condition reports
  6. Recommending and assisting in the appropriate correction of identified unsafe conditions
  7. Assisting other CCS safety personnel in publicity efforts and promotion of safety awareness, including dissemination of safety-related information to our constituents

Responsibilities of Individual Members

Each committee member represents a specific college facility and serves as the point of contact for safety concerns, as brought to his or her attention via either building occupants and/or the college or unit safety officer.

Committee members serve as liaison between the college or unit safety officer, facility supervisors, and other college constituents.

Committee members maintain the safety bulletin board within their respective facility

Committee members conduct annual safety inspections within their respective facility. These inspections are documented on the Building Self-inspection Safety Survey form, with copies routed as indicated on the form upon completion of the survey.

Committee members may be asked by the safety officer to participate as team member in accomplishing additional inspections of those campus areas determined to have a higher potential for safety hazards.

Committee members may accept and/or conduct preliminary investigations of employee reports of specific safety hazards, ensuring that appropriate parties are notified, including the building supervisor and the safety officer.

Committee members maintain a supply of Accident/Incident Report and Hazardous Condition Report forms for use of building occupants.

Committee members disseminate safety-related information to personnel within their assigned facility (e.g., postings on facility safety bulletin boards), as appropriate.

Committee members maintain designated first aid kit(s) and supplies within their assigned facility. (Note: "Designated" refers to the first aid kit or kits officially designated as such for that building, by the college or unit safety officer. Maintenance of other first aid kits within the facility is the responsibility of the individual departments.)

Committee members maintain valid first-aid/CPR certification.

Committee members attend scheduled college or unit Environmental Health and Safety Committee meetings.


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