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Parking Services at SCC
    Permit Information

Parking at SCC is by permit or paid meter only.

The following permits are available for people who qualify for them:

Pass TypeParking Area
Faculty: Parking in this area requires a faculty permit for the current quarter or school year. This permit allows the holder to park in any Faculty area.
Student: Parking in this area requires a student permit for the current quarter or school year. This permit allows the holder to park in any Student parking space. Student parking in orange areas is not always available.
Handicapped: To park in a Handicapped area, the driver must display his or her State Handicapped permit as well as a current permit. Those displaying both permits can park in any Handicapped area or Faculty area.
Metered Parking: Anyone may park at a meter; however, the meter must be paid, regardless of any other permit(s) displayed.
Motorcycles: Motorcycles are required to park within designated motorcycle stalls on campus and must also display a current parking permit sticker.

The campus parking map shows the approximate location of relevant parking areas.

Be sure to comply with parking regulations such as fire lanes, loading zones, etc., and other, as signs indicate or law requires.

parking kiosk (photo)

Another parking permit option on the SCC campus is to use one of the two Parkeon parking kiosks. One kiosk is located on the west side of the tennis courts near the Lair, Building 6 (pictured). The second kiosk is located in the P-11 parking lot, south of the Max Snyder Building (Building 50).

To use a kiosk, you simply:

  1. Insert $3.
  2. Press the green button.
  3. Remove the day permit from the kiosk.
  4. Park in a student or faculty lot.
  5. Place the permit on your dashboard so the date is visible.

If you have any questions, contact the Office of Campus Safety at 533-8624.

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