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Parking Services at SCC
    Our Role

The SCC Parking Services Offices provides - but is not limited to - the following services:

  • Unlocking and jumpstarting vehicles on campus
  • Enforcement of campus parking rules
  • Visitor passes/information
  • Request a Guest Parking Permit (SCC Staff Only)

SCC Parking Services Appeal Changes: Effective January 3, 2011, all parking appeals will be reviewed by an Appeals Board. The Board will meet on an as-needed basis and review appeals submitted to our office. The Board is comprised of one student, one faculty member, and one staff member. Contact our office at (509) 533-8624 if you have any additional questions.

Not a parking area...

FYI: The pictured area (on the east of campus between the Automotive Building and the Fire Station) is NOT an area for SCC parking! There are multiple signs that say no parking. The City of Spokane may cite and/or tow your vehicle if you park in this area!

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