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SCC Outcomes - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are outcomes?

A: Outcomes are the intended objectives or deliverables of a class, program, or discipline. What will the student be able to do upon completion? An outcome can also be a varying degree of ability, such as "able to score an 80% or higher" on a competency exam.

Q: Why do they matter?

A: Outcomes give us a standard or expectation to aim for, and a way of measuring our success in obtaining the standard. These benchmarks provide a way for students, faculty and other stakeholders to determine the value of their experience, and a way to engage in comparisons to other courses or programs.

Q: Who is in charge of these outcomes?

A: Outcomes are really everyone's responsibility. Administration is responsible for ensuring that the outcomes process is in place. Faculty have been given the opportunity to be involved in the processes of establishing, measuring, and modifying outcomes. Faculty are the closest to both the area expertise and the student; therefore, it makes most sense that we take responsibility for these activities.

Q: Where can I find the outcomes for my program?

A: Outcomes were created for all programs as part of the 2003 accreditation process. Faculty in all departments are working on revising and updating their course and program outcomes. Your department chair and/or division secretary should be able to direct you to current outcomes. We've also posted many of them on this website.

Q: My program's outcomes seem out of date or incomplete. How do I go about getting them revised?

A: You can work with your colleagues to determine what, if anything, needs to be updated. You might consider adding to or changing the outcomes to be measured, or determine that the measurement instrument itself needs changing. Keep in mind that most of us are continuously improving our courses and programs; we just need to formalize the process through documentation.

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