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Common Questions

What is the nursing program?

The nursing program is a sequence of seven quarters maximum. At the end of the first quarter the student is eligible to take the examination for nursing assistant certification. At the completion of the second quarter, the student may become employed as a Nurse Technician. The student may continue for three more quarters to complete the requirements for the practical nurse licensing examinations. The student may then continue the nursing program for three more quarters to qualify to take the registered nursing licensure examinations.

Do students have much experience taking care of patients?

Students begin patient care in the first quarter of the program. Beginning students take care of patients in extended care facilities. In the second quarter of the program, they learn in acute care facilities, caring for medical and surgical patients. Students then have experiences caring for maternity and newborn patients, mental health patients, advanced and more complex medical-surgical patients, specialty areas, and patients in a variety of settings.

How often are students admitted?

Students are admitted twice a year. One class is admitted fall quarter, and another in spring quarter.

How is the program approved?

SCC's nursing program is accredited by the Washington State Quality Assurance Commission from the Department of Health.

How well do the graduates do on the national exams?

Our graduates score well on all of the national licensing exams, meeting or surpassing the national average. The majority of candidates pass.

What is the nursing program's pass rate on the national licensure exam?

As of May 2011, it exceeds the national average at 92%.

Are the graduates able to find employment?

Our graduates are well-qualified for entry-level positions at a variety of health care facilities in the area. They find employment in the health care industry upon graduation.

What can I expect for a salary in this area?

The entry-level salary for certified nursing assistants is about 25 to 50 percent above current minimum wage. The starting salary for licensed practical nurses is higher, and the entry-level salary for registered nurses is approximately $28-30 per hour for work in an acute care setting. Opportunities for advanced income vary greatly depending on the person’s skills, personality, work ethics, and employer.

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How can I get further information and an application?

Contact the Counseling Center at (509) 533-7026 to make an appointment with the counselor for the nursing program, or use the contact information below.

For more information....

For more information:

Georgeanna Conrad
(509) 533-8622
1-800-248-5644 ext. 8622
Health & Env. Sciences: (509) 533-7294

For additional contacts, please
refer to the online directory for this department or see the printed catalog.

You can also submit an online information request or get our address to write for more information.

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