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NAGT Pacific Northwest Section - 2012 Conference
Spokane Community College
Spokane, Washington

June 22-26, 2012

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Lodging Information for the
Continental Margin Field Trip
Oral Session Full - Abstract deadline for
posters extended to May 21st!


Hamamelidaceae: Clarkia fossil beds
Hamamelidaceae: Clarkia Fossil Beds
  • Friday, June 22: "Glacial History of the Pend Oreille River Valley" - lead by Gene Kiver
  • Saturday, June 23: Conference day (SCC), evening social event with Jack Nisbet (location TBA)
  • Sunday, June 24: "The Clarkia Lagerstätte" - lead by Bill Rember
  • Monday and Tuesday, June 25-26: "The Continental Margin Geology and Tectonic History of NE Washington: Precambrian to Tertiary" - lead by Eric Cheney and Andy Buddington
    (lodging information)
Manresa Grotto, Pend Oreille River Valley
Manresa Grotto, Pend Oreille River Valley


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