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MOSAIC is an acronym for
"Multicultural Officers Seeking
Assistance In College."

Multicultural Student Services
      MOSAIC Mentoring Program

Program Description

The MOSAIC Mentoring Program is an opportunity for ethnic club officers to be mentored and in turn serve as mentors to other students. The program focuses on the academic, cultural, and social integration of students. Participants will build a network of knowledge and support of campus resources, cultural identity development, and community awareness. MOSAIC participants will motivate future SCC students to pursue goals of higher education.

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Past Presentations

Mission Statement

The MOSAIC Mentoring Program is committed to providing dedicated support and guidance to minority students in their personal, social, and academic lives by building positive relationships that will foster future leaders at Spokane Community College and in their communities.


  • Provide academic, personal, and social support for students
  • Assist students in the navigation of the college environment
  • Build relationships between students, faculty, staff, and community leaders

Who Can Participate

Participation is limited to two representatives from the SCC ethnic-specific clubs: African American (Black Student Union), Asian Pacific Islander Club, Native American Student Organization, and Chicano/Latin American Student Organization.

Mentee Requirements

  • Attend orientation and training sessions
  • Have bi-weekly contact with mentors
  • Have weekly contact with Multicultural Student Services and activities
  • Maintain at least a 2.5 GPA (quarter and cumulative)
  • Attend Students of Color conference in the spring

Community Mentor Requirements

  • Have weekly contact with mentees
  • Attend orientation
  • Have monthly contact with mentees
  • Attend bi-weekly contact meetings

How to Get Involved

You can apply for the MOSAIC Mentoring Program online.

For more information, contact Ruth Silverthorne at 509-533-7032 or Kitara McClure at 509-533-7378.

MOSAIC Mentoring Program
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