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Multicultural Student Services
      Activities and Opportunities

Get Involved!

The Multicultural Student Service Center has many student led clubs that are ethnicity-specific:

If you don't see a club that represents your interests or culture, be the change you would like to see. Start your own club! For more information, email or call 509-533-7378.

Activities: Throughout the academic year, Spokane Community College's Office of Multicultural Student Services is engaged in numerous activities, including:

  1. Support and advising of SCC's multicultural student clubs
  2. Various celebrations and fundraising events for student clubs
  3. Diversity awareness presentations
  4. Cultural celebrations for Hispanic Heritage Month, Native-American Heritage month, African-American History Month, and Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month
  5. Community-oriented recruitment activities
  6. Visits and activities at local high schools
  7. A professional mentoring program for and by SCC students
  8. Celebration of Cultures Week
  9. Native-American, African-American, Hispanic graduation celebrations
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