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"Taking the InSync course was a really good opportunity. This is my first year in college, and InSync showed me the ropes around school. I love the teachers (Deb Kyle and Joanna Semler). I would suggest the class to anyone."

~ Lacey Dickerson

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Learning Communities
      What is a Learning Community?

A learning community is a class that combines two or three academic courses into a single college class - a group of students and faculty members who meet together to explore a class theme. These classes are ten or fifteen credits, and they are a great way to meet program requirements as well AA-degree and transfer requirements.

At SCC, we offer fully integrated courses and linked courses (see the FAQ page).

Learn more about how learning communities work and how to get involved in these interesting, innovative classes.

Jenny Butcher (photo)

"The learning community offers students the benefits of groups. I made some good friends in class, and I adored my professors. I felt supported by Mrs. Kyle and Mrs. Semler, and their confidence in my abilities to be successful in class began to rub off, and I too started to have confidence in myself."

      ~ Jenny Butcher


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