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If you are new to college, or just looking to get some additional skills to help you do your best in your classes, the InSync program might be right for you. InSync is a learning community where you will develop a sense of belonging in the academic world by reading, studying, and writing with others in an enriched educational environment that will focus directly on your dreams, your direction, and your success.

This ten-credit class combines two classes, either a study skills course and writing improvement course or a combination of a reading improvement course and writing improvement course. While you are learning fantastic general strategies for college success, you have the chance to apply them to a specific class. InSync is designed specifically to provide the skills that you need to be successful, not just in this class, but in your entire academic experience.

InSync is offered most quarters with different instructors and different class times and course combinations. Look in the Upcoming Learning Communities section for more information.

Ali Sabyee (photo)

"InSync is the first class which I learned a lot of things in it. I learned how to be a good writer and reader. The InSync class has a lot of skills. I have done this class with these helpful skills, which helped me in the following class. InSync has a basic and helpful way to get to be a successful student. I learned how to take notes and how to summarize or organize my ideas so they are easier to understand. Also, I learned how to put my ideas in order. InSync was the beginning of developing and supporting my skills to get ready for English 99."

~ Ali Sabyee
Lee Fisher (photo)

"InSync introduces you to the tools and resources necessary to succeed. The course stresses the need for good study skills, note taking and attention to detail."

~ Lee Fisher

Here is what some other former InSync students say about their experiences:

  • I really don't think I could have opened up as much as I did without my instructors giving me good InSync learning technique.
  • ...InSync has refreshed my memory with things that I thought I would have never forgotten.
  • Each one of us had a lot of our cultural differences, yet we were all one team and we made a very fun class.
  • It is very important to me to succeed in school, to learn so I can have knowledge. I am planning to do everything it takes to accomplish and achieve my goals so my family can have a good life and I can look and say with pride, "Yes, I did it!"
  • At first when I got here I was a little intimidated by the expectations, but one class with a lot of love and care really opened my eyes in many ways.

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