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Westside ICT Program - Prerequisites

Note: This information is subject to change without notice and does not represent a contract between the college and its students.

  • Anatomy and Physiology - two quarters
    (A&P 220/221 at TCC, A&P 240/241, 250/251 at Pierce College, Biology 250/251 at OC, BIOL& 241/242 at SCC)
    SCC course description for 241: Human Anatomy and Physiology 1 (5 cr.): Human body structure and function with emphasis on introductory cytology and histology; the skeletal, muscular and nervous systems; and the sense organs.
    SCC course description for 242 - Human Anatomy and Physiology 2 (5 cr.): Continued study of human body structure and function with emphasis on circulatory, respiratory, digestive, urinary, endocrine and reproductive systems.
  • English Composition
    (ENGL& 101)
    SCC course description: This course develops and sharpens the basic principles of writing college-level essays. Students work on a series of essays to improve their ability to write clear, detailed prose and to use texts to support their claims.
  • General Physics I
    (Physics 114 at TCC, Pierce College, or OC)
    Course description: General Physics (5 cr.): This course is for science and other majors not requiring calculus-level physics. There is an emphasis on mechanics, Newton's Laws of Motion, rotation motion and conservation principles (prerequisite to Physics 114 is Math 114, Math 122, or Physics 111 at Pierce, Math 99 or 115 at TCC).
  • Intermediate Algebra
    (Math 99 at TCC, Math 98 at Pierce College, Math 99 at OC, MATH 99 at SCC)
    SCC course description: Intermediate Algebra (5 cr.): This course covers intermediate algebra skills. Topics include a review of beginning algebra concepts, radicals, inequailties, functions and quadratic functions. Other topics may include exponential and logarithmic functions.
  • Introduction to Biology
    (Biology 100 at TCC, Biology 101 at Pierce College, Biology 105 at OC, BIOL& 160 at SCC)
    SCC course description: General Biology (5 cr.): An integrated view of the living world including the nature of sciences, evolution of biological organization, composition and organization of living substances, metabolism, control, reproduction, heredity and ecological relationships.
  • Leadership Development
    (BUS 164 at TCC, CMST 230 at Pierce College, CMST 127 at SCC)
    SCC course description: Emphasizes integrity and professionalism in the workplace, team-building problem-solving, presentational skills, and selling techniques for success on the job.

Contact Information

W. Scott Corson
Westside ICT Program Coordinator/Lab Instructor

MultiCare Health System
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Phone: 253-403-3438
Fax: 253-403-3491

Darren Powell
Cardiovascular Technology Program Director

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