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HM 110 - Introduction to Hotel/Restaurant/CUL-110 Introduction

  • The Professional Chef, 9th Edition
       By: The Culinary Institute of America
       Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
       ISBN: 978-0-470-42135-2
  • Introduction to Hospitality, 5th Edition
    By: Walker, John R.
       Publisher: Prentice Hall
       ISBN: 10-013-513928-7
  • Rethinking the Kitchen, the Sustainable Kitchen Handbook
    By: Jurgensen, Karen
       Publisher: Quillisascut School of the Domestic Arts
       SKU: 10605196 (no ISBN)
  • Health Card (required by Spokane Regional Health District): $10.00

HM 112 - Hospitality Math

  • Culinary Math, 3rd Edition
       By: Linda Blocker and Julia Hill
       Publisher: Wiley
       ISBN: 0-470-06821-2
     Lab fee$10.00

HM 115 - Food Sanitation for Hotel/Restaurant

  • Suggested Text (Not Required):
    ServSafe Essentials, 5th Edition
       By: Education Institute & National Restaurant Association
       Publisher: Wiley & Sons
       ISBN: 978-1-58280-222-0
     Lab Fee (Lab fee includes all online materials)$100.00

HM 126 - Food Science

  • The Professional Chef, 9th Edition
       By: The Culinary Institute of America
       Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
       ISBN: 978-0-470-42135-2
     Lab fee$10.55

HM 130 Human Relations

  • Human Relations
       By: Dalton
       Publisher: Southwestern Publishing Co.
       ISBN: 0-53-8722231
  • Zapp
       By: Byham
       Publisher: Ballantine Books
       ISBN: 0-449-90705-8
  • Recommended for HRM Students:
    Leadership Lessons from a Chef
       By: Carroll
       Publisher: Wiley
       ISBN: 978-0-470-12530-4

HM 141 - Maintenance & Engineering

  • The Management of Maintenance and Engineering Systems in the Hospitality Industry, 4th Edition
       By: Borsenik & Stutts
       Publisher: Wiley
       ISBN: 0-471-14105-4

HM 151 - Restaurant Management

  • How to Open and Run a Successful Restaurant, 3rd Edition
       By: Egerton-Thomas
       ISBN: 978-0-471-69874-6
  • Wine for Dummies, 4th Edition
       ISBN: 978-0470-04579-4
     Lab fee$10.00

HM 160 - Supervisory Housekeeping

  • Managing Housekeeping Operations, Revised 3rd Edition
       By: Nitschke and Frye
       Publisher: Educational Institute
       ISBN: 978-0-86612-336-5

HM 202 - Front Office Procedures

  • Front Office Operation
       By: Stedman & Kasavana
       Publisher: Educational Institute of AHMA
       ISBN: 0-86612-061-0

HM 205 - Hotel/Restaurant Law

  • Understanding Hospitality Law, 4th Edition
       By: Jefferies
       Publisher: Educational Institute of AHMA
       ISBN: 0-86612-227-3
     Lab fee$15.00

HM 208 - Hotel Sales & Marketing

     Lab fee$10.00

HM 220 - Tourism and the Hospitality Industry

  • Tourism Concepts & Practices
       By: Walker & Walker
       Publisher: Prentice Hall
       ISBN: 0-138-14245-9
     Lab fee$25.00 Certified Tourism Ambassador class

HM 232 - Hotel/Restaurant Management Principles

  • The Wisdom of Teams
       By: Katzenback & Smith
       Publisher: Harvard business School Press
       ISBN: 0-87584-367-0
  • Servant Leadership
       By: Greenleaf
       Publisher: Paulist Press
       ISBN: 0-8091-0554-3
     Lab fee$10.00

HM 251 - Restaurant Management

     Lab fee$20.00

HM 255 - Menu Planning

  • Suggested Text (not required):
    Profitable Menu Planning
       By: John A Drysdale
       Publisher: Prentice Hall
       ISBN: 0-13-587833-0
     Lab fee$25.00

HM 265 - Food Cost Control for Hotel/Restaurant

  • Food and Beverage Cost Control, 4th Edition
       By: Dopson, Hayes, and Miller
       Publisher: John Wiley and Sons
       ISBN: 978-0-470-16773-1
     Lab fee$10.00
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ACCT 151College Accounting
APLED 123Employment Prep.
BT 105Basic Grammar
BUS 140International Marketing
CIS 105Computer Fundamentals
MMGT 231Human Resource Management
SPCH 220Intercultural Communication
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