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Hagan Foundation Center
for the Humanities
Where People and Ideas Connect

The Hagan Foundation Center for the Humanities theme for the 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 academic years is The Global Village. We will explore the connections that we as individuals, as community members, and as world citizens have with each other. All events hope to engage students, faculty, staff and administrators at SCC in these important topics.

Globe nested in tall grass

The Global Village: Grow your world

Some of the topics the Hagan Center will explore:
  • how international events and conflicts affect our local region
  • the ripple effects of our individual, regional, and national choices
  • how travel and international experiences expand our points of view
  • the ways our academic community can support international students
  • opportunities for travel and studies abroad

Come to the Center and explore these and other questions with us this year!

Check our events page for information on what's happening at the Center. You may also want to visit our Facebook page and check out what people are saying about the Hagan Foundation Center for the Humanities at Spokane Community College.

Watch for more details to come and plan to join us throughout the academic year at the Hagan Foundation Center – the place where people and ideas regarding heroes will meet!


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