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The ASL club at SCC is called "Shut-up and Sign." The club participates in many activities on campus and within the Spokane Deaf community. Our mission is to promote awareness of ASL and the culture of the Deaf community. You do not have to be in an ASL class to participate, just willing to have fun and learn!

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SCC Library

The SCC Library has friendly librarians who can help you gather just the right information for your research project and save valuable time. The Library website, which includes extensive information resources, is an important starting point for a successful research assignment. Also, don't forget the Media Center, where you’ll find a computer lab, graphics and video production services, equipment checkout (laptops, video camcorders, and more), plus a Presentation Zone for creating and rehearsing class presentations. The Hagan Foundation Center for the Humanities, located on the second floor of the Library, schedules engaging speakers and activities throughout the school year.


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