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Financial Aid

Work Study Orientation

The Work Study Workshops cover:

  • The goals of student work programs
  • Policies and procedures for students
  • The referral process
  • Monitoring earnings/hours
  • Time sheets
  • Terminations
  • Working breaks
  • Standards of academic achievement
  • Satisfactory Academic Policy

ALL students who receive their award letter MUST attend one of the workshops offered if they are accepting their award. If you are not awarded work study in initial awarding, and you have checked that you are interested in work study on your FAFSA, you must contact the Work Study Office to be placed on a waiting list to be used in the event that funds become available.

Failure to attend a workshop or contact the Work Study Office will result in the loss of your work study award for the academic year. If you lose your work study eligibility you may contact the Work Study Office to be placed on a waiting list for "first come, first served" funding in the event funds become available.

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