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Financial Aid

William D. Ford Direct Loan Program

NOTE: **Before submitting a loan application, you must complete your FAFSA and have
all other required paperwork turned into the Financial Aid Office.**

Subsidized Loan Eligibility for First-Time Borrowers
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A loan is a type of financial aid that you repay.

You may apply for your Direct Loan online. Start by selecting the Student Loans or Parent Loans tab below and follow the directions.

After you complete all the steps and become eligible you can check your loan status by clicking the appropriate tab above.


  • The financial aid office at SCC will process loans in a timely manner. SCC will not refuse to certify or delay certification based on choice of lender.
  • The financial aid office does not contract with any lender and does not receive any staffing assistance from lenders.
  • Students are advised to borrow loans through the federal student loan programs. Private loans will not be packaged or offered from any specific lender.
  • Employees in the financial aid office are prohibited from receiving gifts from lenders, guaranty agencies or loan servicers.
  • SCC does not have revenue sharing arrangement with any lender. Advisory boards will not receive compensations from any lender. SCC prohibits the offer of funds for private loans.

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