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Financial Aid

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why should I apply for financial aid?
Many people are not aware that they may be eligible for financial assistance. Eligibility for financial aid is regulated by federal and state law. These laws require that you complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) before we can determine how much money you may be eligible to receive. It is worth your time to complete the process. Even if you are not eligible for grant aid (monies you generally do not need to repay), you will need to apply to be considered for a student loan.

How do I get my PIN number to use for applying online and signing my Master Promissory Note if I take out a loan?
You may request a PIN number at

How is my aid determined?
Financial aid is based on need. Need is calculated by taking your annual cost of attendance and subtracting the amount you and/or your family are expected to pay to contribute to that cost . This Expected Family Contribution is listed on your Student Aid Report as your EFC. It is determined by the information you send in on your application. The higher the need, the more eligible you are for grant and other need based aid. If you are ineligible for need based aid, you will generally still be eligible for an unsubsidized student loan.

When will I find out if I get financial aid?
When your file is complete, we have professionally reviewed it, and you have applied for admission, we will send you notification called an Award Letter if you are eligible for financial aid. You do not have to wait to receive your Financial Aid Award Letter to register for classes. You can register on the appointment date that is assigned to you.

Do I have to enroll full-time to receive financial aid?
You do not have to be enrolled full-time (12 or more credits) to receive aid. However; if you enroll for 9-11 credits (3/4 time) you will receive 75% of your grant; if you enroll for 6-8 credits (1/2 time) you will receive 50% of your grant. Your student loan amount remains the same as long as you enroll and complete at least 6 credits. If you have a student loan and enroll for less than 6 credits, you will not be eligible for the loan portion of your financial aid. However, you may still be eligible able to receive a very small amount of grant aid.

Can I transfer my financial aid to another school?
Yes, but financial aid is not automatically transferable from one college to the next. Contact the school you are transferring to and find out about their application process. Request that the FAFSA processor release your information to the school. You will need your DRN number or a PIN number to do so. You may obtain these by contacting the Central Processor at 1-800-433-3243. If you are receiving a State Need Grant, ask our office to send that information to your new Washington college. You must notify our office, in writing, if you will not be returning before we can cancel your aid. You may not receive aid at both schools. You must complete the application process at the college or university you plan to attend. Remember, each school has different requirements, deadlines, budgets and spending levels. Funding that was available at one school may not be available at another.

Can I get help completing the application?
The Financial Aid staff is available during regular office hours to assist you if you have questions or need help completing the application. Please bring with you any financial documents (tax returns, 1099's, documentation of child support paid, etc.) that will help us assist you to complete the form accurately.

When do I have to apply?
In order to be considered for Work Study funding, you must generally apply by April 1. To guarantee that your financial aid is processed for fall of a given year, you must apply and have all forms that we sent you completed and turned in to the office by June 15.

Can I get a student loan?
You must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) before we can assess your eligibility for a student loan. If you are a first-time borrower, you may be subject to a 30 day waiting period after the quarter starts before your receive your first loan disbursement. SCC participates in the Direct Loan program. For further information regarding a student loan please see

Are jobs available other than those through the financial aid work study program?
The college has some general fund positions on campus. You do not have to apply for financial aid to be considered for these jobs. In addition, there is a job board with current listing available for all students. Contact Student Success and Career Services located in Building 6 for more information.

How does the money that I receive for my education from special programs like: DVR, Jobs, JTPA, VA benefits, scholarships, Work Force Training, etc. affect my financial aid?
You must notify the Financial Aid office regarding any assistance that you receive from other sources. The money you receive is considered a resource toward your school and and living expenses. If the total amount of assistance that you receive is greater than your cost of attendance, we will adjust your financial aid accordingly.

Can I be considered for work study if it was not originally awarded?
If you requested but did not receive work study on your award letter, it was because either you were not eligible or all funds had been awarded to those students who applied earlier. However, if you are eligible, you can ask to be placed on the work study waiting list pending future work study availability.

How do I get information from my file?
To request any current or prior information from your file, you may come in person with a picture ID or request specific information in writing. SCC is not required to keep records longer than seven years. You may also obtain information by accessing Online Student Information.

How can I get my parental financial information for the FAFSA if I am under 24, not married or a veteran, have no children and have had NO contact with my parents?
You may come into the Financial Aid Office and request an interview with a coordinator to determine whether or not you are a candidate with "unusual circumstances."

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