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      Writing Courses

SCC's writing program strives to prepare students to write effectively in their college courses and the workplace. Our courses are geared towards students at all levels of preparation.

  • Smaller classes of English 98 and 99 offer more individual instruction to help less experienced writers discover their strengths and build on them, thereby increasing confidence.
  • English 101, Basic Composition, grounds our composition program. Students write essays, exchange and discuss their writing with peers, improve their critical reading and thinking skills, and acquaint themselves with collegiate library and electronic research.
  • In English 102, Advanced Composition, students further develop the critical reading, thinking, and research skills acquired in 101 by writing research-based papers.
  • English 235 prepares students for writing used in the business and technical worlds.

SCC's writing program offers all learners flexibility and leading-edge technology. Students can fulfill their degree requirements in the format best suited to their learning style: in a classroom, online, and/or via hybrid classes supported by online technology. Our computerized composition classroom capitalizes on students' diverse learning styles by providing the latest advances in technology-assisted collaborative learning.

SCC's composition teachers are pleased to understand and meet the writing needs of this college's diverse community.


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