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      "W" and "D" Courses

Our 'W' or Writing Intensive Courses

There is no better medium for a 'W' course experience than literature. Novels, short stories, poetry, and drama are mines loaded with content that thoughtful, reflective writing can access best. Because of this, most of our literature courses are designated as 'W' courses to provide our students with this enriching experience.

Our 'D' or Diversity Courses

Our goal as a community of learners is to come to understand, appreciate, and celebrate the cultural and human diversity that abounds in this country and throughout the world. One of the best ways to foster this appreciation is through the study of literature. And so the SCC English/Foreign Languages Department offers a variety of diversity courses ('D' courses) to develop a greater appreciation for the diversity that lies within our human heritage. These range from cross-cultural literature courses to modern foreign language and American Sign Language courses.


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