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(cover art)Legends is SCC's literary arts club, sponsoring a variety of events that celebrate the college's creative community. We offer literary readings, events promoting literacy for children, and poetry slams. Each spring quarter we also publish the award-winning literary magazine Trade, featuring the original writing and artwork of SCC students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Students interested in working on the magazine may receive college elective credit each winter, in Literary Magazine Production (ENG 254) or Advanced Literary Magazine Production (ENG 255), a hands-on class in producing a professional magazine from start to finish. Additionally, SCC offers two courses in Creative Writing, English 236 and 237, offered fall and spring quarters. These courses give students experience in writing fiction, poetry, and drama - including tips on how to get published.

      Resources and Activities

SCC Library and Media Center

The SCC Library is located in Building 16 and has friendly librarians who can help you gather just the right information for your research project and save valuable time. The Library website, which includes extensive information resources, is an important starting point for a successful research assignment. Also, don't forget the Media Center, where you’ll find a computer lab, graphics and video production services, equipment checkout (laptops, video camcorders, and more), plus a Presentation Zone for creating and rehearsing class presentations.

Hagan Foundation Center for the Humanities

The Hagan Foundation Center for the Humanities, located on the second floor of the Library in Building 16, schedules engaging speakers and activities throughout the school year. The Center's theme for 2009-2010 is Community in Action. People from our college and local community will explore the topic from multiple angles – the food we eat, the water we drink, the community organizations that enrich our lives, the literature we read, and the poetry we create. Exploration comes in many forms including film screenings, author readings, panel discussions, and musical events. English 101 student, Krista C., states, "I think the Hagan Foundation Center for the Humanities has a great purpose at SCC. There are educational events always going on and the center is resourceful for everyone. It is a sanctuary for English students." Visit the Hagan Foundation Center for the Humanities, a place where people and ideas connect. The Center's list of upcoming events is available online as well.

Quarterly Course Fair

Each quarter, English and Foreign Language teachers are given the task of writing a short course description for each class they will be offering the following quarter. We started to do this when we discovered the range of classes that were being offered by our amazing faculty. Whether teaching English 101 or English 102, each teacher approaches these courses differently. For example, some teach with literature, some teach with media, others with popular culture, and some even resort to traditional rhetoric. While all of these courses may contain research papers, essays and other types of rhetorical methods, how they are delivered and what they cover allows us to reach our diverse population of students.

Our other classes have the same breadth of content to deliver a fairly standard curriculum. In other words, we are attempting to ensure that if you take an English 96 (Reading Improvement) class from two different teachers, the books, topics and assignments may differ but their outcomes are that the student leaves the class with skills and strategies to read academic reading.

We also use the course fair as an opportunity for our non-standard classes to be announced. For example, this is a great opportunity to advertise the upcoming I.D.S. course or any of the other special courses offered the following term. Moreover we offer an excellent range of literature classes, and once again, a course fair allows us the opportunity to announce, then discuss these classes with interested students. With such an exciting line-up of classes, we feel much better when we know we have offered students the opportunity to find out more about them.


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