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(community photo)One way to take your English courses is to participate in a Learning Community (LC). An LC is a class that combines two or three academic courses into a single college class - a group of students and faculty members who meet together to explore a class theme. Example LC classes include InSync and Read Right.

These classes contain ten or fifteen credits, and they are a great way to meet your AA degree and transfer requirements. So, instead of signing up for a few unrelated five-credit classes with unconnected assignments and learning outcomes, you sign up for an LC that links together two or three separate courses into a single class environment. These ten- or fifteen-credit classes meet together with all of the instructors for two or three hours a day, giving the students the chance to get to know their classmates and faculty members well. These supportive, integrated learning environments create strong class communities - thus, the name "learning communities."

For more information on these classes, see the LC website at

SCC's LC classes usually focus on a central theme (for example, the environment, heroes, ancient Greece, modernism, racism, or food), and your instructors work to connect your assignments and readings around that theme. You get the chance to study your class theme from a variety of academic disciplines, letting you see how knowledge is interconnected. This helps you see how knowledge of one academic area (like sociology, biology, or composition) can help you excel in other areas.

The English and Foreign Languages department participates regularly in SCC's LC courses, and you can often receive English 101 or 102 credits by taking an LC. Additionally, some LC classes include literature courses that meet the humanities requirements of your AA degree options.

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