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      InSync Learning Communities

InSync is a program designed for students entering college who are not as prepared as they need to be. It combines two (or more) courses that will strengthen the skills necessary for success, such as Study Skills and Basic Writing.

The courses are usually combined into one class with two instructors in blocks of two hours and count as 10 credits of the student's quarterly schedule. This combination, called Learning Communities, allows students to integrate what they are learning in one course with the assignments of the other course and to see how all learning is collaborative, that is, we all work together to understand the ideas being explored.

We have found that those students who complete an InSync class do better in their subsequent courses and tend to complete the degrees they came to pursue. This is important because we began this program to combat the problems we had seen when students entered college without the skills and knowledge they needed; those students tended to get discouraged by the rigors of college and didn't know how to get the help and support available to make it through that difficult first year.

We encourage all entering freshmen to look at the InSync offerings and decide whether this style of learning would benefit them.


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