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Computer Service Technician

Computer Service Technician

The average person who uses a personal computer occasionally needs help installing, maintaining or repairing their equipment. Assisting PC users is the work of the computer service technician.

Computer service technicians may opt to go into one of the many areas in manufacturing. This might include working on numerical controlled machinery, system process control, or a variety of other computer - controlled applications.

Students who choose this option take two final quarters in specialized classes dealing in computers and local area networks (LANS). When they graduate, they have the background to install, service and sell computers. Alternately, they may become involved in equipment testing and automated test systems.


Computer service technicians troubleshoot problems in computer systems and software to isolate faults, replace parts and get the system back in operation as quickly as possible. Although technicians do not write software programs, they are able to decide whether problems are caused in the computer's software or hardware.


Computer service technicians should have good math aptitude, technical aptitude for working on a variety of electronic equipment, and strong logical thinking skills. You must also be detail-oriented, enjoy working with your hands, and have excellent troubleshooting skills. Stamina and patience are also important characteristics of the computer service technician.

Since computer equipment technicians are expected to repair equipment used by others, they must also be able to communicate and work with them. People skills are crucial. You should be adept at listening to others as they explain problems with the equipment. You must also be able to communicate clearly and tactfully when you are training people or correcting operator error.

Job Opportunities:

According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook (2000-2001), growth in the computer service field will be faster than average driven by the increasing dependence of business and residential customers on computers and sophisticated office machines.

Opportunities exist for computer repair technicians in manufacturing; service industries such as banking, grocery stores, retail stores, and support of residential users; as well as sales.

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